Research & development

Research & Development

Shreya Life Sciences boasts of a premium research and development facility at the Aurangabad Plant. It has the capability to develop formulations at the lab scale, scaling them upto commercial batches through Pilot scale until validation.

SHREYA has an extensive experience of Preclinical & Clinical studies.

Proprietary Technologies

A spreading factor that enhances the effect of local anaesthesia. It has wide clinical applications, especially in cataract surgery. The source of our Hynidase is ovine compared to other bovine origin products and thus being free of TSE/BSE infections.

SHREYA has a dedicated Insulin Formulation Facility. Shreya currently formulates both 40 IU & 100 IU insulin in 10 ml vials . Insulin variants manufactured are Regular, NPH (Neutral) and Premixed (30/70).

SHREYA provides in-house formulations of Dextrans and Iron Dextrans, for which API is manufactured in house.

Formulations of Salmon Calcitonins are produced injections and nasal spray for treating osteoporosis

Research Projects
Phase III Trial & Study

Novel Buccal Delivery of Insulin formulation was studied in a Phase III Study comparing over the injectable regular insulin. This was a multicentric study on 198 patients from 13 centres across India and the study proved that this formulation is as good as injectable insulin.


Collaborating with Enablers

Over time, we have built strong partnerships and relationships with many practising clinicians at Medical Colleges, large Corporate Hospitals and Government Hospitals. It enables us to have a faster and wider reach for recruiting investigators at study centres and independent of any CROs.